Solutions - Fields Of Application

It speeds up the upload traffic of all systems which offer service of communication, provide content and perform data transfer via the internet with higher performance than all known applications. CDN, IPTV, PayTV, WEB TV, WEB Hosting, Data Center, Cloud Gaming/GaaS Platforms are a new and superior technology which speeds up logarithmically the internet network traffic for the institutions offering Public service via the internet, Municipalities, Banks, e-Commerce, Data Center-Hosting services, LTE, Remote Education, Media, Hospitals, Tourism enterprises, Industry / SME companies, Enterprise back-up and recovery services compared to all known technologies and which offers high network performance.

All institutional infrastructures use L7 protocols which intensely use TCP in the 4th layer both in the Cloud services (web page, interactive services etc.) and in the in-house services. Additionally, it sends the inter-branch and center-branch TCP traffic using different tunneling methods (GRE, MPLS L3 VPN, DMVPN etc.) for the purposes of security requirements and virtual privilege in institutions using distributed architecture center-branch architecture. Those tunneling protocols increase the size of the package transferred and leads to additional band width necessity. Delays in the network traffic or package losses may occur particularly in the ADSL connections of the branches. Our SPEEDUPBOX solutions shall prevent data loss and delay both in the in-house traffic of those services and in the distributed architecture traffic. Additionally, each institution uses different database systems depending on the type of the user control and authorization or the services offered. Fast and lossless access is required in all of those systems but particularly in the backup and recovery mechanisms. Since our SPEEDUPBOX solutions could run bipartitely in those systems, it shall prevent the band width of all services to be affected by the bottleneck formations and shall mutually provide high speed and lossless data traffic
Due to the necessity for the purchasing/sale transactions in the finance sector and the real time Banking transactions to be performed fast and reliably without being affected by the bottleneck formations arising in the internet networks, L7 protocols using ciphering and running on TCP are used. Since those transactions cannot tolerate losses of package and time, low-latency infrastructure is required. When our SPEEDUPBOX solutions are used with a bookended structure in the Branch-Center (server-client / client-server) locations in the Finance and Banking systems which cannot tolerate delays and losses of package, they will solve the performance problems of the customers and the system directors and increase the user satisfaction. Furthermore, several data center infrastructures (systems such as stretch cluster etc.) are used in general for backup purposes in the finance sector. It is highly significant for the databases to run synchronously with one another in those data centers. When our SPEEDUPBOX solutions are positioned in a bookended manner in both sides between the data centers, they will meet those requirements, prevent occurrence of delays and losses of package and provide maximum efficiency for very fast and reliable performance of the transactions of synchronization.
Today, millions of mobile telephone and internet subscriber users perform synchronous data, audio and video data traffic. This chaotic data traffic developed everyday makes it critical to offer an infrastructure which cannot tolerate delays and losses of package. Our SPEEDUPBOX solutions both speed up this TCP traffic realized between the end user and the transmitter-receiver sending the service that the end user requests and speed up the TCP traffic arising within the ISP systems in the local network depending on this. Fast and reliable realization of this traffic shall directly be reflected to the end user. When our SPEEDUPBOX solutions are positioned in the outlet of the eNodeB retransmit servers of the service provider, the efficiency and speed of the entire TCP traffic shall increase.
CDN applications generally use smaller data centers positioned locally depending on customer intensity in the distributed architecture rather than the main data center of the services peculiar to the user. It has been aimed at providing the frequently used services as locally as possible using a specific caching timing. Our SPEEDUPBOX solutions shall prevent the data loss and delay of those services both in the customer - CDN Local Node traffic and CDN Local Node – Main DC traffic. Although the video traffic is generally given as UDP based multicast in applications including IPTV, WebTV, SetTopBox etc., the synchronization of this traffic, the transactions of faster zapping, VoD periods and depending pricing, user control and user profile transactions have to be performed as TCP based. Our SPEEDUPBOX solutions shall prevent the delay resulting from formations of band width bottleneck in the aforementioned transactions both in the CDN architecture and in the central systems and the losses of package, decrease the jitter and consequently shall develop system performance and increase the end customer/user satisfaction.
All cloud applications have emerged for the purpose of decreasing the Capex and Opex costs by providing the server/sender transactions for the services via cloud rather than locally. However provision of those services via cloud rather than locally, sending the traffic out of the corporation and taking the same back become usable and advantageous in terms of both security and the losses of time and data resulting from the additional traffic only when used together with different solutions eliminating the aforementioned disadvantages. The additional solutions used in the field of security shall mean increase of the package size of MPLS, GRE and similar VPN solutions and consequently increase of the TCP traffic in action. Our SPEEDUPBOX solutions shall highly decrease the package losses and delay in the entire TCP traffic in web hosting servers, online game GaaS sector, in the case that the corporate services are carried on the cloud and shall provide contribution of high performance in provision of all such services fast and without any problem.
Delay and formation of package loss in the traffic within the data center and the traffic among the data centers (database synchronization, virtual machine carrying etc.) and all associated services and furthermore in the traffic created by the users outsourcing service for the data center adversely affect the user experience, service interruption period and in general the work continuity. When our SPEEDUPBOX solutions are positioned in bookended manner in the traffic among the data centers, they will provide higher performance in fast and reliable provision of all synchronization and Single Sign-On transactions compared to all known systems. It is also observed that the data traffic in the data center is usually inter-server traffic and the proportion of this traffic to the entire traffic increases day by day. All those problems shall be solved by determining the inter-server workflow in a data center on service basis and directing the traffic created by the servers which need high traffic and speed or sensitive to delay and package loss via the SPEEDUPBOX solution.
Similarly to the finance sector, the requests for simultaneous connection to the e-Commerce servers are required to be realized without any delay and all records are required to be processed fast and reliably. The data losses and delays that could be encountered in purchasing/sales transactions lead to both material losses and customer dissatisfaction. When the SPEEDUPBOX solutions are positioned in the server side, customer applications shall speed up the traffic and prevent data losses. In the case that a secondary data center or backup database is used in terms of backup, the application, when positioned in both sides, shall offer solution for the problems of synchronization among servers/databases and delay and package loss and increase the efficiency
Although it is considered at first sight that the data traffic in the remote education sector is video and audio based, and consequently protocols using UDP are generally used; TCP based protocols are used for such functions as the time synchronization of those protocols, initial connection transactions, re-connection and the period and quality of provision of the connection, logging off. When SPEEDUPBOX runs at the server side on the aforementioned TCP based transactions, it shall decrease the data losses in all those transactions, shall enable to perform the transactions of connections much faster and more reliably and increase the user satisfaction
The most significant data service in the tourism sector could provide wireless infrastructure for the customers. The data traffic among the hotels and inter-database synchronization are important as well in big size enterprises. It becomes critical to provide fast service in the services including the traffic between customer – service server in wireless transactions inside the hotel, database backup, access of the hotel personnel to the records and update of the records by the hotel personnel, inter-hotel database synchronization. When SPEEDUPBOX runs at the server side on the aforementioned TCP based transactions, it shall decrease the data losses in all those transactions, shall enable to perform the transactions of connections much faster and more reliably and increase the user satisfaction.
The requirements of the health sector highly resemble to the requirements of the finance sector in technological terms. Delay and data loss in the internet traffic are inacceptable in both and increase in data loss and requests for resending means high damage for both. in the case that the band width requirements cannot be met sufficiently in the distributed architecture infrastructure of hospitals together with the request for high band width created by the traffic of simultaneous connection to the central health systems of the hospitals in the health sector, the solutions of SPEEDUPBOX shall increase the efficiency both for the in-house traffic in the servers inside the health institution and for the inter-hospital traffic and provide multidirectional performance to the system management.
IoT and SCADA applications find increasingly widespread field of application both in the energy sector and in the services for the end user such as water, natural gas distribution. For example, transfer of SCADA system data to the central systems without loss and delay in any water or natural gas company, track of the counter failures, rendering the traffic of the databases of counter reader-main center faster and more reliable though in-place reader is used is highly significant. The transfer of the outside camera images and sensor data used in the city security services to the main center systems should also be assessed within a similar scope. When SPEEDUPBOX is positioned in the transmitter-receiver / receiver-transmitter side of all those services, it shall provide high speed data traffic performance without any delay and data loss.