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Internet Accelerator Solutions

Due to the capacity problems caused by the increasing bandwidth demands in wired and wireless wide area networks, excessive disruption and congestion problems develop in internet traffic. This extreme distortion causes a reduction in available bandwidth, packet loss, and TCP transmission to stop.

With Tayftech's solutions that dynamically accelerate TCP traffic and improve network performance, you are protected from ever-increasing bandwidth costs and you can use your existing system investments with high efficiency. Internet Accelerator SpeedUpBOX solutions offered by Tayftech works wherever you need uninterrupted speed in overloaded internet networks with constant speed and interruption problems.

  • 1.000 TCP Sessions
  • 100 Mbit
  • Call Center
  • E-mail Support
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  • 10.000 TCP Sessions
  • 1 Gbit
  • Call Center
  • E-mail Support
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  • 100.000 TCP Sessions
  • 1-10 Gbit
  • Call Center
  • E-mail Support
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  • 500.000 TCP Sessions
  • 10-40 Gbit
  • Call Center
  • E-mail Support
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SpeedUpBOX Internet Accelerator

SpeedUpBOX TCP Accelerator Network Appliance is a LAN device which accelerates TCP traffic irrespective of from sender computer’s operation system. SpeedUpBOX, in the case of oversubscription networks, dynamically accelerates TCP traffic and improves the network performance degradation effects such as “packet drop”, “loss” and “jitter”. It achieves the highest TCP speed efficiency on network traffic.

When it runs on the Tx (sender) server side, it speeds up the upload traffic of the server. When it runs on both Tx (sender) server and Rx (destination) client side, it mutually accelerates the upload traffic of both (sender) server and (destination) client.

OSI Model: The 7 Layers of Network Architecture

SpeedUpBOX TCP Accelerator Network Appliance enhances and accelerates TCP traffic with the following performance results;

  • Shortens the time to reach the maximum level of bandwidth,
  • Maintains existing bandwidth and improves TCP transport speed,
  • Adapts to changes in existing bandwidth,
  • Prevents packet loss in congested networks,
  • Elimination of congestion in congested networks,
  • Saves on upgrade/renewal costs of IT systems and increases the number of concurrent users in data centers and enterprise systems,
  • Improves network efficiency and TCP speed up to 400% logarithmically without having to invest continuously to increase bandwidth, protects against high investment costs,
  • Improves delay, broadcast interruption, data loss, etc. caused by network problems on PayTV, IPTV, CDN and service performance issues, increases the number of simultaneous users and customer satisfaction,
  • Reduces web page load times for Media and e-commerce sites, increases the number of concurrent users,
  • Accelerates data transfer including high-resolution video streaming, graphics, image files, where network traffic optimization systems fail to work well with TCP traffic speed performance and improve data loss, time and line cost losses due to network outages,
  • It is the ideal solution for WAN acceleration, GSM/LTE base station TCP acceleration,
  • Copper, fiber, wireless and hybrid (3G/4G/5G or 802.11) work in LAYER 4 of OSI Stack on all communication.
  • It does not use buffering for user applications such as real-time video conferencing, gaming etc. Therefore, it does not create additional delay.