TCP Accelerator Network Appliance


As a LAN device, SpeedUpCaptain Network Appliance accelerates up to 100,000 TCP session traffic of medium or large enterprise organizations supporting 1 Gbit to 10 Gbit throughput.

SpeedUpCaptain is ideal for maintaining bandwidth and high-speed TCP transfer for organizations requiring file/data transfers over wide area network such as data centers, CDN, video on demand, PayTV, IPTV, livestream media, government agency, hospitals, e-commerce sites, medium/large enterprise hybrid cloud applications, e-learning, fast web page uploads, municipalities, media and advertising, online database replication.

It improves bandwidth performance of servers running with Linux or Windows operating system up to 10 Gbps and maintains at maximum. It achieves the highest TCP speed efficiency on network traffic by using maximum bandwidth.

When it runs on the transmit Tx (sender) server side, it speeds up the upload traffic of the server. When it runs on both Tx (sender) server and Rx (destination) client side, it mutually accelerates the upload traffic of both (sender) server and (destination) client.

SpeedUpCaptain System Architecture

It offers high-speed TCP transfer for streaming services for data centers, enterprise systems like telecom/ISP, banking & finance, CDN, media, web hosting and e-commerce, public data centers with high data traffic, health services, municipalities, video on demand, online gaming/GaaS, PayTV, IPTV, livestream video. It is ideal for bandwidth optimization.

TCP Dynamic Acceleration Solutions Speed Test

SpeedUpCaptain TCP Accelerator Network Appliance solution enhances and accelerates TCP traffic with the following performance results;

  • Shortens the time to reach the current bandwidth using the maximum level of bandwidth,
  • Maintains existing bandwidth and improve TCP transport speed,
  • Adapts to changes in existing bandwidth,
  • Prevents packet loss in congested networks,
  • Elimination of congestion in congested networks,
  • Improves delay, broadcast interruption, data loss, etc. caused by network problems on PayTV, IPTV, CDN and service performance issues, increases the number of simultaneous users and customer satisfaction,
  • Reduces web page load times for media and e-commerce sites, increases the number of concurrent users,
  • Accelerates data transfer including high-resolution video streaming, graphics, image files, where network traffic optimization systems fail to work well. Improves data loss, time and line cost losses due to network outages,
  • It is the ideal solution for WAN acceleration, GSM/LTE base station TCP acceleration,
  • Improves service performance issues such as delay due to internet network problems, TCP disconnection, data loss, etc. Increases the number of simultaneous users and increases customer satisfaction,
  • In online gaming services, server-client-server maintains bandwidth performance and increases TCP connection speed,
  • Reduces web page load times, increases the number of simultaneous users.